Two Myths To Have Dispelled When Considering Massage Therapy

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There are few ways to spend a day that are more relaxing than getting a massage. Unfortunately, these treatments are often misunderstood by the patients that they are designed to help. This misunderstanding can cause some people to believe that a couple of common myths are true, which can give them false expectations about these therapy sessions. Learning the following realities behind two prevalent misconceptions should help you to be more informed about undergoing these treatments. 

Myth: Massages Are Only For Recreation

While it is true that receiving a massage can be an extremely enjoyable activity, some people make the mistake of assuming that these sessions are only valuable for recreation. As a result, they will be unlikely to appreciate the benefits that massage therapy can provide for many medical conditions.

For example, individuals that suffer from chronic muscle spasms may find relief from their symptoms through this form of therapy. Massages will cause your muscles to relax, which can reduce the likelihood of them spasming. Also, the relaxation that a massage can bring may help individuals that suffer from certain mental health issues, such as difficulties managing stress and anxiety. To understand how to utilize these treatments to address your condition, you will need to speak with your doctor. 

Myth: You Have To Undress For Your Massage

There is another common notion that you will have to fully undress for your massage. However, this is never the case, and patients are free to wear anything that they find comfortable. To this end, you will be provided a robe, but many individuals feel more comfortable bringing their own clothing. 

If this applies to you, make sure that what you are wearing is comfortable and loose fitting. Generally, sweatpants or shorts and a t-shirt are sufficient, and you should avoid wearing items such as blue jeans or sweaters because these items are thick enough to interfere with your masseuse's ability to perform the treatment. If you have any uncertainty about what to wear, the receptionist from your clinic will be able to provide you with a list of recommended clothing for the massage technique you will be receiving. 

Receiving a massage can provide you with numerous physical and mental health benefits, but there are many people that assume that some routine misconceptions are true. By knowing that a massage can help with certain medical conditions and that you will not have to undress for your session, you can better understand this form of therapy, which will help you to decide if it is right for you. Contact a local therapist, such as at Lakeside Spa, for answers to any further questions.