Health Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage

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While many people go to a deep tissue massage because it feels good, there are many health benefits from receiving such a massage. From an increased immune system, to better mobility, a deep tissue massage will give you more than a feeling of contentment once it is over. 

Deep Tissue Massage Improves Your Immune System

Your body contains the lymphatic system, which is responsible for draining toxins from your body. When you get a deep tissue massage, toxins are released from your muscles and enter your blood stream. Once toxins are flowing, your lymphatic system is able to remove these toxins from your blood stream. The results of an improved immune system include:

  • an easier time fighting off germs.
  • shorter and fewer colds.
  • a feeling of overall health.

Mobility Issues Improve with Deep Tissue Massage

Sore, tired muscles have a direct impact on your range of motion and overall mobility. When muscles are stiff, it is hard for joints to work as they are designed. When you get a deep tissue massage, your muscles, ligaments and tendons all benefit. Work with your massage therapist and let them know what areas of your body are stiff or sore. When your therapist knows of any problem areas, they can focus on that area to restore function and mobility. 

Massage Induces a Relaxation Response

In today's hectic world, many people have trouble settling down and relaxing. Getting a massage forces you to take time to sit back, relax, and allow yourself to be pampered. Known as the relaxation response, your body relaxes involuntarily when you receive a massage. Your nervous system calms down, your heart rate goes down, and you enter a state of relaxation. If you have trouble concentrating, or suffer from stress, a good massage will help you feel more centered.

Massage Reduces Overall Pain

When you suffer from chronic pain, a good massage can help your pain decrease. This is because of a combination of toxin removal, muscle stimulation and the inducement of the relaxation response. When pain is a problem for you, consider a massage to see how it can help you better manage your daily symptoms.

If you are suffering from muscle aches and pains, chronic mobility issues, and the symptoms from every day life stress, it's time to schedule a deep tissue massage with a local massage therapist, such as Therapeutic Body Concepts Massage Clinic. You will improve your overall health with a massage.