Pregnant Women – How To Find Relief From Back Pain With Massage Therapy

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Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but it takes your body through dramatic changes. Your body is working overtime to provide a nourishing environment for your fetus. This is one of the reasons why women feel tired when with child. If you are just starting your pregnancy, then you should expect to feel some discomfort. Read on to find out how to find relief from back pain with massage therapy.

Are You Experiencing Back Pain?

Back pain is one of the most common discomforts caused by pregnancy. It usually starts in the second half of your pregnancy and gets worse as your baby grows. You are experiencing hormonal changes and your uterus is getting bigger. As your uterus swells, your center of gravity is thrown off and it stretches your abdominal muscles. This results in your posture changing and putting strain on your back.

You are also carrying around extra weight, which increases stress on your joints and makes your muscles work harder. It is common to experience back pain when your baby presses on your nerves as well.

How Does Massage Therapy Help?

A prenatal massage alleviates some of the discomforts associated with being pregnant. These discomforts include edema, headaches, leg cramps, backaches, and a stiff neck. Massage therapy also encourages lymph and blood circulation, relaxes nervous tension, and decreases stress on your joints. Hormonal changes may cause some women to have anxiety or to become depressed. Massage therapy can help with these conditions and aids you in sleeping better at night.

What Happens During A Prenatal Massage?

If you are going to a pregnancy massage, then the experience should be comfortable. Your therapist should take the necessary measures to make sure you are relaxed before starting the session. The position you have to get in depends on your trimester. For example, your therapist may have you lay on your side on soft cushions. The side position alleviates the extra strain on these areas from the pressure of the massage techniques.

Your massage therapist may also ask you to lay on your back with a small cushion under one hip. The cushion gives your body slight elevation. The techniques used during the session depends on where you are in your pregnancy. Your therapist will use techniques from Swedish massage and reflexology. He or she can also customize a program to fit your needs.

It helps to explain the symptoms you are experiencing with your therapist. This information will help your therapist with choose a therapy plan that relieves your pain.

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